Duluth Bikes Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes | Duluth, MN

9/8/2016 • 5:30pm


Present Board Members: Morris Levy, Jenny VanSickle, Michael Latsch, Mike Casey, Shawna Mullen, Tara Sieve, Brian Downing, Alyssa Lommel, Ruurd Schoolderman, Dick Haney


Board Members Absent: Mariana Glitsos, Jon Loye


Additions to Agenda: none

Meeting called to order at 5:33pm


Review 8.15.16 Meeting Minutes:

  • Rather “Board Members” to “Committee Members”
  • Advocacy—Committee Members: Dick, Jenny, Alyssa, Ruurd, Alec, and Mike

Focus: Complete streets, collaborations, working with city councilors, stakeholder meetings, and convey Duluth Bikes voice.

1: Board Discussion-Making Process

  • Ruurd brought in a summary of an example for decision making by Alexander|Carrillo Consulting, which is a more formalized version of Ruurd’s suggestion for decision-making.
  • That we should still make a motion so that the action item is clear and that the Committee Members could make a vote on whether they are for it, could live with it, or can’t live with it.
  • To adopt to “Ruurd’s Rules,” the Secretary will clarify the statement of action and the committee will confirm to motion with the action item or that it will fail.
  • Action: Chair, or Co-Chair, will send out the agenda ahead of time and request any items to add to the agenda and whom is responsible for that discussion.
  • Motion: Board will move forward with Ruurd’s summary for the Duluth Bikes Board’s decision-making process.


2: Strategic Action Plan

  • Ruurd, Michael, Brian, and Mariana met to discuss the Strategic Action Plan (SAP)
  • The chart presented at today’s meeting will chart out Duluth Bike’s focus and priorities.
    • Michael: As we inherited the SAP, there is a long list of things we hope to accomplish, but that there are a lot of dependencies on the goals. So it became pretty clear that the complete streets ordinance was the top priority in order for the remaining items to be accomplished.
  • Since Duluth Bikes is a chapter under Bike MN, would it make more sense to edit our mission statement to align closer to theirs?
  • Mike: Does the Bike Alliance suggest anything regarding pedestrian crossings?
    • Shawna: No, they don’t tackle any of the items directly, but are a voice.
  • Brian: Do we want to be called a Coalition or just Duluth Bikes?
    • Coalition suggests short term
    • We should be consistent in our wording in material
    • Does adding Coalition add more weight in grant writing
    • Motion: Continue forward with Duluth Bikes Coalition and Duluth Bikes for short.
  • Vision: Reach America Cyclists Gold Gold status in 4 years
    • This winter, the Bicycle Friendly Community application process begins again this winter 2017 and awards will be given out spring 2017. Duluth is currently at bronze level and has been previously silver.
    • In order to reach Gold, infrastructure is key for Duluth to have this set.
    • Duluth Bikes wouldn’t want to stretch its descriptions in order to reach Silver unless we are truly Silver.
    • Shawna has been previously applying for this status level and could apply again through Healthy Duluth or Duluth Bikes could apply as a whole. In order to fill out the application, someone would have to meet with a representative from the City (Police, etc) to answer these questions and to make these items happen.
    • The BBFC’s rubric, as a national benchmark, is close in alignment with the goals and vision of Duluth Bikes and can be tweaked slightly in order to better meet the specifics of our community.
    • Shawna believes that based on the requirements to reach Gold is ambitious and would not be possible to meet within 4 years.
    • Motion: Rephrase vision to state “Duluth Bikes aims for the community of Duluth to receive Silver status within 4 years and Gold within 10 years.”
    • Action: To research the equity components designated by the League necessary in order for reaching Gold status
  • Elissa Hanson will be presenting to the Active Living Committee meeting (Fri 9.9.16 at 12pm @Duluth YMCA) about action items for complete streets and any potential stand-alone ordinances.
    • Duluth Bikes job is to look at her complete streets ordinance and determine if it meets the goals for complete transportation for all.
    • Action: Duluth Bikes to update the complete street ordinance and refine the verbage and use the document as advisory to the City Council.
  • On a board level, we should have focus areas, but in order to bring these items into action they should be divied into committee levels.
  • Proposal: Get in agreement on the levels and divey among the committees. At board meetings, each group brings a progress report.
  • Action: Between now and next board meeting, the committees have their independent meeting.
  • Ruurd and Bran will tag-team exporting the information into google docs.


3: Processes

  • Brian: Does the committee have the authority to act independently from the Board. Is the Chair able to take action steps independently or discuss via email or defer to the upcoming board meeting?
    • A lot of time in the Board meetings could be eaten up by the discussion whether a letter of support from Duluth Bikes will be given to other organizations.
    • Judgement call from the Chair and the Executive Director whether to make the decision or to bring to the board.
    • Table: Bring items to Executive Director and they will have the discussion with the Chair and the individual that brought up the item. They will come to a decision whether there it needs to be brought forward to an action or to the board for feedback with a strict timeline for responses. If the discussion is strategic, the opportunity to vote will be given to the Board. All other actions are recorded by the Executive Director that did not include the Board.
    • Action: Next meeting to write out the proper language in a concise manner for action, motion, table, etc.


4: Duluth Bikes Bash

  • September 25th. Registration at 11. Ride starts at 12:00pm. Music at 1:30 @ Endion.
  • (Two groups) Start at Endion Station towards Brighton Beach, turns around and heads back to Endion Station. 20 mile group will continue on towards Clyde Iron
  • Eventbrite has registration and event is listed on Facebook
  • Any one 18+ to register online $10.00 in advance and $12.00 day of. Option for registrations to sign up as a Duluth Bikes Member.
  • Clyde has sectioned off an area outside for use along with Endion Station.
  • Volunteers needed for setting up signage, registrations, and group leads.
  • Bike Alliance has covered the $80.00 fee to reserve Brighton Beach park.
  • Table: Make a decision on budget for current and future event planning.
  • Action: Events Committee to finalize logistics on Bike Fleet parking (Canal Park Lodge, under the on-ramp). Spoke cards/stickers, etc.
  • Action: Outreach Committee to develop and submit press release for Duluth Bikes Bash as well as try to stretch out the topic for the next several weeks considering the Copenhagen visit and Cross-City Trail.
  • Brian has a press release drafted for the Bash and the Bike Alliance will assist with creating awareness on a state-wide level.


5: Other

  • Brainstorm questions for Elisa Hansen to ask during the Copenhagen visit.
    • How did you navigate the growing pains (gov’t, businesses, and community) for temporarily closing off sections of streets that are also considered high tourist locations and areas of economic growth.
    • What steps did you take to get your community on-board with the concept of open streets?
    • What about an alternative and more flexible design for Superior Street? How can we make a minor change ie: no curbs on Superior Street. How do you create room for experiments in design to see the results.
  • Mariana and Michael created a Slack account, similar to google drive, but more efficient for the committee members to use. Easier and more efficient. Will have be a consolidated format of all that Brian has worked on for Duluth Bikes
  • Bike Counts Sept 20th—volunteers needed
  • Campus Connector is Sept 22nd—group bike ride, ice cream social, activities for kids—volunteers also needed


Meeting Adjourned: 7:11pm

Next meeting: 10.6.16 | 5:30pm| Toasty’s on Superior St.