Duluth Bikes Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes | Toasty’s

11/3/16 • 5:30pm

Present Board Members: Mariana Glitsos, Michael Latsch, Tara Sieve, Shawna Mullen, Jenny VanSickle, Jon Loye

Board Members Absent: Dick Haney, Alyssa Lommel, Morris Levy, Ruurd Schoolderman, Mike Casey

Guest Participants: Richard Arey (St. Paul Classic founder)


Additions to Agenda:  none

Meeting called to order at 5:34pm

Review 9.8.16 Meeting Minutes:

  • Addition: Discovered after meeting $10.00 was not misplaced from the Bike Bash

1: Officer Updates/Reports

  • Mariana: Duluth Draft made $31.00 in donations for spoke cards and simply because they donated. Brian is officially in Colorado, but has offered to help if needed.
    • Outreach will meet every 1st Thursday of the month after the Board Meeting
    • Advocacy did have their first meeting, but Jenny was unsure what was the final decision for regular meeting dates.
      • Action: Jenny to connect with Advocacy committee to finalize regular meeting time.
  • Treasurer: Gross Profits $2068, $260.00 in expenditures = $1807.51. Brian is yet to be paid $1350 from that total. Working balance around $400.00-450.00.

2: Committee Updates


  • Outreach: Content has been added to the website as it comes. Contact email address was edited. Next project is to get items and plan together for when tabling at events. Next event will be Give to the Max. Action: Bios Missing–Shawna


    • Shawna: Do you plan on doing some outreach to businesses to gain partnerships? I can assist with that process and offer presentations on topics they are interested in.
    • Michael: We can develop a list in our committee of businesses to reach out to.
    • Shawna: I have some suggestions
  • Advocacy: We received an email back from the mayor with several dates to set up a meeting. Elissa had to reschedule. Aiming to be meeting on November 10th.
    • Shawna: I think it’s fine to meet with the mayor before Elissa.
    • Jenny: Just wanted to be clear on our timing and why, along with our ask.
  • Events: Duluth Draft was a huge success. 45 people attended, bursting from the seems in Vikre. Good feedback and great presentors. Planning the next Draft, TBA late January and possibly at Blacklist. Seeking suggestions for presenters: businesses, elected leaders, etc.
    • Michael: Who were the formal partnerships that I can add to the website.
    • Shawna: People for bikes. We were one of 5 cities selected to host a DRAFT.
    • Tara: I can send you the list of the local businesses that donated a prize to also post on the website
    • Bus.Bike.Walk month is coming up in May, now is the time to start reaching out to businesses to commit to hosting an event, discount, activity, something related to the month.
      • Jenny: Bikes Plus should be running by May so I can plug that.
      • Shawna: If a business participates, we can note that we’d post an update about them so many times a year.
      • Michael: Can we note Heck of the North as one of first businesses? (yes)

3: BikeMN Chapter Agreement

  • Shanwa: the only two things that should be different than was we previously saw were #3 and that BikeMN will agree with whatever Duluth Bikes recommends.
  • Michael: #5 reads that BikeMN allows Duluth Bikes to make a recommendation as to who we’d want the Duluth Bikes Chair to be.
  • Richard: So any type of fundraising event would be under #3.
    • Shawna: However, they did add that there would be a temporary administrative fee.
  • Motion: To approve revised BikeMN Chapter Agreement letter.

4: BikeMN Membership Envelopes

  • Action: Edit–There is no location to note name of business (if business signs up), along with a contact name for the business.
  • BikeMN will send 1000 envelopes for free to Duluth Bikes.
  • Action: Mariana to check on BikeMN to see if Duluth Bikes has been added to their website for registration.

5: Give to the Max Day & The Great Outdoors Party

    • Duluth Bikes has been added to Give to the Max day.
    • Action: Mariana will send the link for where to contribute to Duluth Bikes Give to the Max Day.
    • Duluth Bikes has also been invited to the Great Outdoor Party at Bent Paddle. They said it would be about $40.00 to be part of the party. November 17th
      • Agreed: Duluth Bikes to be a part of the Great Outdoor Party.
      • Tara: I think we should aim to try to have our name out once a month and this would be our way of getting out there in November.
      • Mariana: Setup starts at 4pm, we need to bring our own table. Event starts at 5pm. COGGS will give a presentation at 6:30 and then all groups will get 1 minute. I won’t be able to make it until about 6:30 that day.


  • Shawna, Tara, and Michael will be there for set up.
  • Tara will bring the table for the party.
  • Shawn has ideas on dressing up table.


      • Shawna: I have a vision of what our table will look like. We will need a plexi-glass flyer holder, tablecloth (bike related with a bike logo)
        • Michael: I can design a trifold for brochures.
        • Richard: Joanna is great with graphics and I can reach out to her and see if BikeMN could assist with that?
          • Shawna can provide photos
          • Mariana is going to reach out to BikeMN if they can provide any additional materials (they had mentioned to ask if we needed)
  • Action: Add link to Duluth Bikes on our webpage for donations for both Give to the Max, but also to have up long-term.
  • Action: Michael will do a news story on the Great Outdoors Party.

6: Duluth Bike Tour Maps

  • Mariana: I will ask Mike Casey about the Google testing for riding tours.
  • Richard: Mankato did a map with the Chamber to develop a map with 3-4 routes.
  • Mariana: Do we want to assign this task to a committee or do some of you to want to get-together?
    • Shawna: I’m interested in putting together one that I have an idea of.
    • Jon: I think we should have it as a group of interested people. In the case that it gets assigned to a group that doesn’t have the skills or knowledge on how to do the routing.
    • Richard: I think we should try to connect to the people at the Great Outdoors Event for ideas and ways to work on riding tours.

8: Superior Street Discussion

    • Mariana: Discussion topics to bring up to the city?
      • Jenny: In terms of transportation, I hear a lot of concerns about connectivity aside from tourism.
      • Shawna: I think we need to learn what we are capable first of what we can do with points on a map.
      • Mariana: I can check with Mike to see if we can get that project rolling now.
      • Shawna: I checked with James from the Metropolitan Interstate Council, he said that MnDot is aware of what the project will look like, but they haven’t turned in the paperwork until April 2017. He did say that it’s not uncommon for MnDot to change designs before the roll out. We can go to the council to state our case that we want to dispute the variance. He said that on the city’s website, you can go and see the notes for how many comments were made in support vs not and there were more notes in support.


  • Action: Shawna–Will check with James to see how we can get to that MnDot variance info.
  • Action: Waiting for advocacy committee with data and presenters.
  • Jenny: How can we present that in a data/graph interpretation?
  • Shawna: We could even go through the data to show that the City did go through the public input process to receive data, but did not do its due process to move forward with those numbers.
  • Richard: When you meet with Mayor Larson, ask her where are you in support of this process.
  • Jenny: We need to distill what is on record while noting the lack of do process done by the City.
  • Action: Michael-Follow up with Ruurd to see what he did.
  • Jon: Dan Hartman noted at the DRAFT, he noted to try and create some more buy in from the business to actually get a count of people actually using Canal Park vs. going by businesses on Superior St and how that is business lost.
  • If we had numbers to show how much more business Canal Park receives vs. Superior St.
  • Commercial rental vacancy is close to none in Canal Park, whereas Downtown has several to many.
  • Jenny: If locals believe it’s a fantastic destination, then more people will go there.
  • Michael: I wonder the extent of parking pricing… how to make angle parking easier. Parallel and reverse angel parking.


9: Other


  • Action: Michael–Add two more pages to Duluth Bike’s website; Two Wheel Deal and Bike Friendly Business. Shawna will send a little paragraph of businesses involved. Rate 1-3 stars: Being involved in the first two AND being business member of the Duluth Bikes Chapter.
  • Action: Jon to deposit check from DRAFT and Mariana to discuss with Jon about $40.00 for the Great Outdoor Event.
  • Action: Mariana will ensure a link on our Facebook will go to our website, including a donate link.


  • Jenny: I attended the housing meeting for Imagine Duluth and will be attending the advisory committee for bike and pedestrian.
  • Shawna: I was invited to be part of the bike committee by the city.

Meeting Adjourned: 6:56pm

Next meeting: 12.1.16 | 5:30pm| Toasty’s on Superior St.