Duluth Bikes Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes | Toasty’s

3.2.17 • 5:30pm

Present Board Members: Mariana Glitsos, Michael Latsch, Tara Sieve, Shawna Mullen, Morris Levy, Alyssa Lommel, Jenny VanSickle, Dick Haney, Jon Loye,  

Board Members Absent: Ruurd Schoolderman, Mike Casey,

Guest Participants: Paul McLee (interested community member)


Called To Order: 5:40pm

Additions to Agenda:  none

Review 2.2.2017 Meeting Minutes: Approved

1: Officer Updates/Reports

  • Mariana: none
  • Treasurer: Total financials are at ~$1000.00. Expenses reflect spoke cards, rack cards, and Brian’s pay.


2: BikeMN Updates: Shawna

Bike Summit–received a grant that are Bremer Foundation communities and MN Bike Awards are open for nominations. Nominations close April 5th. (6 categories: advocate of the year, bike friendly champion of the year, etc)
ALL: Nominate Duluth candidates to be awarded (Nick Lepak) and it’s on facebook, please share.

3: Committee Updates

  • Events:


      • Bike Summit is March 16th-Morris and Mariana are going. All are encouraged to go.
      • Northland Wellness Fair 10-2 March 25th–Ruurd volunteered. Shifts can be arranged. Jenny maybe…
      • 30 Days of Biking pledge is now open for biking through all of April. Launch ride and wrap up ride. Possibly even a weekly group ride.
        • Michael can be at launch
        • Tara at both
        • Shawna at wrap up
        • Jon tentatively on wrap up
      • Bike Swap April 22-23rd at Continental 10-5 Sat, 11-3 Sun
        • Tara will be there Sunday
      • ALL of May: Bus.Bike.Walk.
      • Duluth DRAFT: May 11th with Jason and Slow-Roll Sunday
      • Winter Bike to Work day had over 30 people, pancakes were a hit, very well received, news covered it. It was presented at transportation committee meeting.
    • Advocacy:
      • Met with the county engineers (Carol), there were some that were receptive and positive.
      • Want to build on the message that we have an influx of mtn bikers because there is built infrastructure. So they are out there, they are just among the mix.
      • They had a few suggestions for signage and wayfinding for Super Sidewalk.
      • Met with Elissa Hanson–she had some development plans for Canal Park. She has a positive vision. Overall receptive but we need to keep pressing.
        • Shawna will be going to a Walkability and Action workshop along with Elissa, so she can have an informal discussion with her then too.
      • Next steps: Determine more specific language with the ordinance and meet with the councilors. Press for accountability.
        • Shawna will share email that has Elissa’s language for ordinance. Create a commission from Walkability workshop.
    • Outreach:
      • 2WD as a community benefit vs member benefit. It was revised and updated business flyer. Hoping to have all updated by Mid April. Has reached out to past participants by using the shared document on the google drive (please use this form so one business is not overlapped)
        • Add: Chester Creek Dental, Blink Optomist, Zen Lens (?)
        • It’s a low commitment for the business


  • Shawna email Mariana and Michael the list of businesses to become a business member of Duluth Bikes.
  • Mike connect with Iron Mug to rejoin
  • Michael Dubh Linn
  • Tara Trail Fitters (Amy H)


        • Pickwick


  • Michael Carmody (Ed)
  • Jenny Ski Hut
  • Shawna Continental


        • Shawna Blacklist
        • Vikre


  • Shawna Whole Foods
  • Morris Bulldog pizza


        • Frost River
        • Bent Paddle
        • OMC
        • Duluth Grill
        • Glensheen
      • Strategy plan has not been developed yet
      • Update on emailing list?
      • Spring Fundraiser–Events committee is MAXED, they suggested a pledge drive or outreach campaign and that our Bikes Bash is much more like our “fundraiser.”


  • Jenny is going to ask Community Action to sponsor bike memberships.
  • Jenny and Shawna will be leading some skills workshops that may drum up memberships.



4:Community Updates

  • City Hall in the Hall-Ruurd, Morris, Tara, Jenny, and Shawna all went-The mayor and other city staff went table to table, Ruurd was able to speak with Mayor Larson. Jenny and Shawna talked with Em. Spoke about superior street and the variance. Em stated that she felt very misled by the information and seemed distressed. Fire Chief was also very concerned about the information Jenny and Shawna shared. CSS professor was very engaged in the conversation as well (Shawna has name). She would be a good connection. When Morris and Ruurd spoke with Larson, they spoke of the due process and she said she needed us to show the support for a clear agenda.
    • We need to push Mayor Larson on an answer to Ruurd’s letter. She says “I hear you” but doesn’t provide an answer.
    • We should continue to go to these so that at least we can continue this conversation with the other councilors.
    • March 15th at CSS is next
    • May 17th 2203 W. 3rd Street Lincoln Park
  • March 8th Library Green Room Imagine Duluth Transportation Focus Group
  • DTA Stakeholder meeting–Shawna and Morris went to the public meeting. Jon went to the stakeholder for 30min, it was public employee, DOT, county, retirement representation. Had a brainstorming session. RSF put on a short presentation of current status and steps. Mariana will share any upcoming dates and events from this.


5: Mission Review


  • Mariana find documents that had revisions for mission



Open Discussion/Announcements:


  • Dick-Questions such as How does Duluth Bikes fit in with COGGS… what is Duluth Bikes question comes up a lot. Do we just want to focus on the streets or do we want to focus on the broader spectrum (ie: Lowell to Lakewalk). Should we make a statement when it comes to the Cross City Trail? We’re not openly supporting these things–what is our purpose and not get too narrow on that focus.
  • Shawna uses phrasing “biking for transportation” Suggestion: assign people to a certain project ie: Shawna would bring to the group the Cross City Trail… I would be in charge of bringing that information to the meetings and keep it current on our social media.


    • We’re not in competition, but to COMPLIMENT the infrastructure.


TABLE: Longer look at our strategic action plan

Shawna send out info to LCI training and prerequisite course


Meeting Adjourned: 6:59pm

Next meeting: 4.6.17 | 5:30pm| Toasty’s on Superior St.