Duluth Bikes Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes | Toasty’s

6.1.17 • 5:30pm

Present Board Members: Mariana Glitsos,  Alyssa Lommel, Mike Casey, Ruurd Schoolderman, Shawna Mullen, Jenny van Sickle

Board Members Absent: Tara Sieve, Morris Levy, Jon Loye, Dick Haney

Guest Participants: Ben Garland (community member), James Gittemeier (MIC) __________________________________________________________________

Called To Order: 5:30 pm

Additions to Agenda:  none

Review April Meeting Minutes: Approved-

1: Officer Update

  • Committee organisation follow-up. Both Advocacy and Outreach committee were not able to meet prior to the board meeting. Will set regular meeting schedule and share this at their first following meeting.
  • Financials have not changed since last meeting. Proposal to use some funds for DB-stickers by Shawna and Mariana of the Events committee
  • Shawna shared Bike MN legislative session update – see http://www.bikemn.org/blog/335-our-2017-legislative-session-post-mortem


2: Bike plan update – James Gittemeier MIC

MIC is updating Duluth Bike Plan. This plan was last officially done in 1994 and at that time focussed on the more “hard-core” cyclist. The current plan targets a broader audience and the 1-3 mile every day connections to local destination. The plan is based on previous public engagement efforts that have taken place over the past few years. It is expected that over the Summer an advisory committee will be mobilized in which DBC members can participate. The Advocacy Committee will follow-up with James on this.


3: Advocacy Priorities and Approach

The advocacy committee was not able to meet prior to the board meeting and will be re-scheduling its meeting. Based on the last advocacy committee discussion the focus will be on the transportation ordinance adoption, the ALC-Report Card (moving to Silver in 5 years) and seizing on a number of opportunities such as 9th Street and 4th. June 7th is the Imagine Duluth Transportation meeting and Advocacy Representatives will participate in this.


4: Outreach Plan

Mariana reviewed the outreach plan outline – <add link to document>.

Discussion on having a coordinated effort to write letters to the editor on bike related topics on a more regular basis.

BikeMN appeal – BikeMN is willing to pay for a direct mailing for membership. Idea to partner with bikeshops to share mailing lists for one-time membership outreach.

Action: Ruurd will approach Continental and Ski-hut to ask for mailing lists.

Action: Outreach meeting at Michaels house (to be re-scheduled due to conflict with transportation meeting Imagine Duluth)

5:Board officer nominations

New board will be elected in August; Mariana’s last meeting will be in July;

Action: will need to approach board nominations by early August.

Action: will need to set up nominations for board officers


6: Design contract & Merchandise

  • Design contract Michael discussed with UMD graduates. Decided for now too ambitious for what we need for 2WD. Action: Michael will do simple design for folder so it can get out in time for Summer.
  • Shawna is working on getting web-shop organized for DB-Merchandise. Will share when shop goes live.


7: Upcoming events

  • Next Draft event will be in July
  • June 25th Washington Center Bike Rodeo
  • Need to prepare for Fall Bike Ride


8: Committee Updates

Events: Short on people, need more committee members to help out

Advocacy: See 3

Outreach: See 4 & 6


7:00 PM Meeting Adjourned