July 7, 2016


Duluth Bikes – Board Member Selections Meeting

Zeitgeist Arts Cafe



Attendance: Brian Downing, Mariana Glitsos, Mike Casey, Bryan French, Eldon Eagle, Deb Eagle, Dick Haney, Shawna Mullen, Ruurd Schoolderman, Heather Wright Wendel, Michael Latsch, Tara Sieve, Alyssa Lommel, Morris Levy, Jenny VanSickle, Carol Andrews.



  • Duluth Bikes History


      1. Brian D shared the history of the group with attendees, highlighting the recognition of a need for a bicycle-specific advocacy group in the Twin Ports, and a goal of having a seat at the table for transportation and infrastructure conversations, providing the community with resources and education for biking, and fostering a fun, inclusive bike culture in Duluth.


  • Board Member Selection Process


      1. Selection process was shared with the group. This included hearing statements from the candidates, followed by a separate meeting of the Elections Committee, where the group nominated candidates and were approved by the EC until a total number of 11 board members was reached.


  • BOD Candidate Statements


      1. Candidates were asked to provide a written statement of interest to the Elections Committee prior to the meeting. At the meeting, all those present were given the opportunity to address the group elaborating on their interest in becoming a member of the board.
      2. Candidates providing statements were: Tara S, Jenny V, Deb E, Michael L, Mike C, Alyssa L, Mariana G, Ruurd S, Dick H, Eldon E, Shawna M, Morris L, and Brian D. Candidates Jon Loye and Josh Nonnemacher were not able to attend.


  • Elections Committee Meeting


    1. After nominations, discussion, and reaching consensus, 11 members of the 15 candidates were approved by the EC for selection to the board.
    2. These members included: Mike C, Mariana G, Dick H, Michael L, Morris L, Alyssa L, Jon L, Shawna M, Ruurd S, Tara S, and Jenny V.
    3. The group will attempt to meet in the next two weeks to conduct the first board meeting in order to meet everyone, elect officers, and complete other administrative tasks.