June 23, 2016


Duluth Bikes – Events & Elections Committee

Sir Ben’s



Attendance: Brian D, Dick H, Tara S, Mike C, Morris L, Jenny V, Alyssa L, Heather WW, Shawna M, Mariana G, Alec K.


  1. September Duluth Bikes Signature Ride
    1. Date set for Sunday, September 25
    2. Route – Brighton Beach to Clyde Iron – Lakewalk and CCT
    3. Destination at Clyde Iron – won’t need permit, more opportunities for food, drinks, games…
    4. Options for return to Brighton – Partner with DTA, Duluth Experience, etc for return rides. Once riders complete ride at Clyde, they get back to Brighton on their own??
    5. Option for secondary starting point – Endion, Rose Garden, 26th Ave E & Lakewalk
    6. Options for “tag” to show participation – tshirts, handlebar tags, bibs, etc
    7. Inquire with DPD for short, partial road closures – opportunity to use London Road bike lanes, Superior Street, Michigan Street PBL…
    8. Rest Stop Location options – East High School parking lot, Tischer Creek at Glensheen, Lakewalk & 26th Ave E, Leif Erikson Park, Endion Station, Bayfront, M&H, Bent Paddle – Clyde.
    9. Will need a strong volunteer participation – Volunteer Coordinator position?
    11. Current ride event committee – Mariana, Shawna, Tara, Brian
    12. Beginning search for sponsors
  2. Board of Directors Selection Process
    1. Board to be established July 7
    2. Brian to provide a final list of candidates
    3. Candidates invited to speak/meet/express interest for first half hour of meeting
    4. Elections Committee separate meeting following
    5. Final candidates must receive nomination and 2nd from EC members
    6. EC members vote for up to 11 candidates
    7. Additional rounds of voting for tiebreakers
    8. Top 11 candidates selected to board
    9. Location – Zeitgeist Dining Room/Conference Room, 3rd Floor
    10. Considerations for board positions in future – District Representatives, Representatives from Business, Gov’t, Elected Official, Law, etc.
  3. BikeMN Update
    1. The board chair of BikeMN is reviewing the statement of understanding between Duluth Bikes and BikeMN this week. BikeMN’s Chapter development task force is also reviewing questions and concerns Duluth Bikes and the BikeMN board expressed, including process for annual review of Statement of Understanding, Insurance Coverage, and branding.
  4. Other bike-ness
    1. Update from Mike C
      1. LHB now working on Master Plan for Western Waterfront Trail – Grassy point to Chamber’s Grove/Fond du Lac.
      2. Plans approaching for Lake Superior and Mississippi RailRoad corridor (LSMRR.org)
  • Corridor is in need of update – 3 potential outcomes – Train, Trail, or Train and Trail.
  1. Visit website or contact Mike for more info.
  1. Update from Dick on Campus Connector
    1. Stakeholder group working to designate a route connecting trail at Junction Ave and College Street to trail at Vermillion Road and Tischer Creek.
    2. Look soon for completion of multi-use paved path along College St between St. Scholastica and UMD!
  2. Upcoming Events
    June 28 2-5pm                        Bike Fleet Training – Community Action Duluth
    June 28            6-7:30pm            CHUM Local Solutions to Poverty Forum
    June 30            9a-12p                        Bike Fleet Training – Woodland Community Club
    July 7                        5:30pm            Duluth Bikes Meeting – Zeitgeist
    July 12                        5:30-8:30pm            Community Ed TS 101 – Ordean East
    July 17                        2-5pm                        Lincoln Park Meet on the Street
    July 24                        9a-12:30pm            3 Mile Smile
    July 27                        2-5pm                        Gary-New Duluth Bike Rodeo