July 18, 2016

Duluth Bikes

Building for Women


Attendance: Brian Downing, Mariana Glitsos, Ruurd Schoolderman, Jon Loye, Michael Latsch, Mike Casey, Dick Haney, Alyssa Lommel, Shawna Mullen.

  • Brand Statement and Bylaws


      1. The group discussed the feel of the language used in brand statement. If this is a public document, it was suggested that the language be less combative/assertive with the intention of not burning any bridges with potential influential allies in town.
      2. Addition of recreation component to complement transportation.
      3. Discussion of initial motivation for formation of Duluth Bikes: should we call out Superior Street as a specific example of a failed process and a top factor for the development of the group, or focus on generalizing motivation as it relates to street projects?
      4. Consideration of how the group is perceived: don’t be the sour grapes; concentrate on the FUN! Put ourselves in a position to make it easy to win others over.
      5. Brian to organize meeting to finalize Brand Promise. Ideal to have all of board and original DB members in attendance, as well as an outside facilitator. Try for mid-August or mid-September.


  • Officer Elections


      1. First officer elections for the group were held.
      2. Discussion regarding term time for officers – 1 year or 3 years? Interest in including this language in bylaws.
      3. Via paper ballot, results of the elections are as follows:
        1. Chair – Mariana G
        2. Vice-Chair – Ruurd S
        3. Secretary – Tara S
        4. Treasurer – Jon L


  • Strategic Action Plan


      1. Brian D to set up meeting with SAP Task Force to develop draft SAP
      2. Task Force includes Ruurd, Michael, Mariana and Brian – will have draft ready prior to full DB meeting for SAP and Brand Promise finalization.
      3. Brian to update SAP to reflect current status in Duluth.
      4. Group to create three standing committees:
        1. Events – bike rodeos, TS101, group rides, Duluth Bikes Bash
        2. Outreach/Membership – mass media, social media, membership outreach
        3. Advocacy – Comp Plan, Complete Streets, Transport Commission
      5. Outreach Committee to develop strategic announcement of group’s existence and goals to the public.


  • Grand Avenue Ped Crossings – Duluth Bikes organizational support


      1. Mike has drafted a letter to MnDOT asking them to seek more community input for crossings planned for Grand Ave, and to inquire about consistency in infrastructure.
      2. Group discussed process for Board approval for signing onto letters of support as a group. These will be circulated to the board and can be approved by members via email in consideration of timeliness.


  • Set regular BOD Meeting Time and Location


    1. Generally, 5:30-7pm works.
    2. Toasty’s has agreed to host Duluth Bikes meetings in their upstairs meeting room.
      1. Contact info for setting up meetings – Tom Hagen – 218-340-0739.
    3. Brian to share doodle for regular meeting day (i.e. first Thursday of the month)