Duluth Bikes Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes | Duluth, MN

8/15/2016 • 5:38pm


Present Board Members: Dick Haney, Jenny VanSickle, Michael Latsch, Mike Casey, Morris Levy, Shawna Mullen, Tara Sieve, Brian Downing, Alyssa Lommel, Ruurd Schoolderman, Jon


Board Members Absent: Mariana Glitsos


Additions to Agenda:  none

Meeting called to order at 9:35am

1: Subcommittees

  • Members of Duluth Bikes are able to join any of the subcommittees
  • Subcommittees are to be fluid
  • There are three subcommittees: Outreach, Events, and Advocacy.
    • Outreach—Board Members: Michael, Shawna, Jon, and Morris.
      Focus: communication, marketing, event boothing, branding events, press releases, membership development, recruitment, grants, and scholarships.
    • Events—Board Members: Shawna, Tara, Brian

Focus: Duluth Bikes Ride, Bus.Bike.Walk Month, Rodeos, Challenges, National Bike Month, and educational.

    • Advocacy—Board Members: Dick, Jenny, Alyssa, Ruurd, Alec

Focus: Complete streets, collaborations, working with city councilors, stakeholder meetings, and convey Duluth Bikes voice.


2: Discussion of Board & Length of Terms

  • Terms:
    • 1 Year: Dick, Jenny, and Mike
    • 2 Years: Tara, Morris, Alyssa, and Shawna
    • 3 Years: Michael, Jon, Ruurd, and Mariana

M/S/P: Shawna/Michael that the end of terms for Board members will end the 1st Board meeting in October.

  • Recruitment for replacement Board members in September and October so that new Board members to start 1st meeting of November.
  • Action Item: Table discussion of Robert’s Rules and whether it is/isn’t/elements of it is a good fit for Duluth Bikes.


3: Temporary Contracted Position

  • Bike MN document to state that it will support a temporary position contracted for 180 hours for Brian until the end of October.
  • Document to also include: Complete streets, community ride, strategic action, website, and funding opportunities.
  • ?—Would board members be willing to pledge funds to keep Brian on-board? It would be a donation to the MN Bike Alliance (tax deductible) specifying to support Brian.
  • Total cost: $27,000 (~$15.00/hour)
  • Duluth Bikes will provide a platform to donate for Bike MN to specify Duluth Bikes Contract.
  • Bike MN would coordinate funds and will have list of contributions, but will be completely anonymous
  • To discuss further: Carol Andrews and Ruurd
  • Deadline to contribute to Bike MN for Brian: August 31, 2016


4: Bike MN Agreement

  • Did not get Approved, current agreement wants to clarify that they are not going to split fundraising and that Bike MN will only take a percentage of the membership
  • Local communities to approve and Bike MN will support, not sway
  • Action: Teleconference meeting on Thurs 8/18/16 to discuss the second draft of Duluth Bikes and Bike MN agreement
  • We can dissolve the contract within 30 day notification and whatever is on their account would pay out to Duluth Bikes
  • If not through Bike MN, any other fiscal agent would take 15% of funds raised in addition to membership.
  • Shawna was added to the Bike MN committee and this same contract would be utilized for 5 other bike chapters


5: Duluth Bikes Member Benefits

  • Bike MN gives out their standard packages
  • Action: add task to seek additional Duluth Bikes membership benefits to Development Committee

6: Grants

  • Have strategic plan set prior to seeking and applying to any grants
  • Action: add task to Development Committee


7: Policy Update

  • Duluth Bikes to be recognized as a valid commission


8: Organizational Support

  • Discussion striked, duplicate discussion


9: Other

  • Heck of the North event has funds that Duluth Bikes could request for as long as we have a work plan to propose
    • Jon and Ruurd can ask what areas the funds that Jeremy (Heck of the North Coord) raised that he would be willing to support Duluth Bikes with
  • Action: Brian, Shawna, and Mariana to meet and create a strategic action plan to share with Jon and Ruurd to present to Jeremy
  • FYI: Western Trail Plan mentions Duluth Bikes…
  • Action: Comments and input needed : Parks and Rec Trail Plan by Friday, Aug 19,2016


Meeting Adjourned: 7:14pm

Next meeting: Thursday September 8, 2016 | 5:30pm| Toasty’s on Superior St.