My Commute: Duluth, Chester Park neighborhood to Superior, Wisconsin by way of the Bong Bridge. In the warmer months I ride the whole way. When the snow arrives and temperatures dip below 20 degrees my route changes into a hybrid bicycle/bus commute and let the DTA take me over the Blatnik bridge.

What’s great about bicycle commuting? You never have a bad day when you ride to work. I arrive at work relaxed, refreshed and ready to go. I’ve had plenty of time to think about the day ahead and take in the sights along the way. The ride home is a great way to burn off stress created by the work day before I get home to my family. The view from the top of the Bong bridge is great. It’s fun to see what is happening in the river. Twice I have been lucky enough to be up on the bridge while a freighter passed underneath. I simply would not be able to stop and watch it if I was in a car. Riding in the winter is a challenge that makes what would be a rather boring drive to work much more interesting.

Golden Tips: In the winter dress like your going cross country skiing on a windy day. My outerwear is windproof on the front and breathable on the back. Underneath I wear wicking long underwear over a pair of bike shorts. I use mitts over the handlebar grips and can wear light gloves as a result. I also equip my bike with studded tires. There is a lot of hidden ice on our streets. As far as a helmet goes usually wear a regular bike helmet with a windproof/waterproof cover. A windproof fleece headband keeps my ears warm and my head from overheating.

Tid-bit: I have learned that I don’t need a shower or sponge bath at work if I wear wicking clothing. Also if you wear deodorant, wait until you get to work to put it on. The results will be much better for you and your colleagues.