Today we are inspired by Pete Willemsen, who has eliminated 2,385 driving miles (so far) on his commute to work by biking instead!

My commute takes me almost straight up the hill to UMD from east Duluth. It’s roughly about 2 miles one way so it’s not a very long commute. My preferred routes are mostly up 26th but I do use the Tischer Creek paved trail as well.

What’s great/rewarding about my bike commute? The ride home is very fast! The ride to work generates a lot of heat which is nice on cold days. I always feel energized when I get to work. Another great motivator is that my employer UMD tracks our rides with the DeroZap system. It is fun to look back at the statistics this system reports about the total miles you’ve ridden, the potential gas you might have saved had you driven, or the number of calories potentially burned. As of today, my DeroZap’ped rides to work and back total 2,385 miles so far.

What is your golden tip for a great bike commute year-round? Once you start, just keep doing it everyday to keep your momentum. Also, dress with less layers than you think you should, but bring along a fleece for the ride home. Good clothing and studded snow tires can make a huge positive difference for winter commuting!