When: Wednesday, February 7th

Where: Everywhere!

Ride your bike or walk to school for Winter Bike and Walk to School Day! Anyone can participate on their own, but check with your K-12 school or higher education institution for organized events and activities! Share your photos here of your journey to school! See the Facebook event page for more details.

This event is part of Zeitgeist’s Winter Bike Week, which celebrates and encourages winter biking in all its forms – whether for fun and recreation or transportation and commuting. Working with partner organizations in the Duluth area, Winter Bike Week will host community events, educational workshops, and family-friendly bike rides to demonstrate that winter biking is fun, practical, and accessible to most people in our community. We hope to encourage everyone to embrace the beauty of winter by offering just one more way to enjoy it – by bike! To see the complete listing of events, visit zeitgeistarts.com/community/winter-bike-week-events/

Winter Bike Week is made possible by generous support fromSpokengear and AAA Minnesota-Iowa.