Duluth Bikes Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes | Toasty’s

2.2.17 • 5:30pm

Present Board Members: Mariana Glitsos, Michael Latsch, Tara Sieve, Shawna Mullen, Morris Levy, Ruurd Schoolderman, Mike Casey, Alyssa Lommel,

Board Members Absent: Dick Haney, Jon Loye, Jenny VanSickle,

Guest Participants: Alison Clarke (interested community member), Al Newgard


Additions to Agenda:  

Superior Street Update and BikeMN Updates from board meetings.

Mike: Add an “Announcements” at end of meeting.

Meeting called to order at 5:34pm

Review 1.5.2017 Meeting Minutes:  Approved

Edits: 12.1.16 minutes not 9.18.16

1: Officer Updates/Reports

  • Mariana: Wants to know if we are interested in writing an column each month
  • Treasurer: $887 not including another membership gained during the DRAFT


2: BikeMN Updates


3: Committee Updates


  • Outreach: Michael


    • The sense of the group is moving away from Two Wheel Deals and renewing it in its current form to reach out to the current participants and to pitch the transition. It’s a big list and so seeking assistance for reaching out
    • Michael: Redo the business intro document to reflect Duluth Bikes as the coordinating entity and develop a script for pitching to businesses.
    • Search engine for our website needs a greater drive.
    • Feature businesses from TWD on Facebook–”Wheel-Deal Tuesday”
  • Advocacy:
    • Shawna: We were invited to the stakeholder meeting for the Duluth Traverse. It wasn’t a public meeting, it was an invite only. If we want to still participate, Shawna can send an email to request we’re still involved.
    • Shawna: Western Waterfront Meeting is …
    • Ruurd: We sent email to Mayor Larson, did not get response back. Do we stick on this or do we move on.
    • Ruurd: Schedule a meeting with Elissa Hanson next Monday (Jenny and Alyssa also to attend)
    • Ruurd, Jenny, and Dick scheduled a meeting with St. Louis Co public works to discuss with whole team with Carol Andrews… introduce ourselves. Share feedback on ‘where are all the bikers?’ and building infrastructures.
    • MNDot is looking to redo Lincoln Park–create better connections with the industrial area where people do their commuting
    • Add Mike Casey to Advocacy committee emailing list.
  • Events:
    • Great DRAFT last week, over 50 people, 1 new membership, $43 donations and sales
      • notes: space was a little small
      • background noise…  BUT had more walk-ins
      • nice diverse crowd
    • Mike offered to bring a speaker set for us to travel around with
    • Potential for April-Barrel Room (Al, guest)
    • Seeking suggestions for next DRAFT presenters: Jason Hall keynote
    • Northland Community Wellness Fair–are we interested (March 25, 10-2pm)  cos $45.00
      • Healthy Duluth did have a booth and could share with Duluth Bikes and advertise for BBW month
    • Winter Bike to Work Day: February 10th 6:30-9:00am
      • Permit Acquired
      • Duluth Coffee Company to donate (James from MIC)
      • pancakes and coffee/cocoa
      • Ruurd lending fishing tent
      • Suggestion: Group ride IN from east and west locations (meetup at Fitgers and Clyde?)
      • Events Team: Press Release needed and call local tv stations desk


4:Community Outreach/Membership/Development Discussion

  • Two Wheel Deals (TWD):
    • Ideas for continue with the business approach with a prospect list to contact for donations
    • Use Bus Bike Walk month–use this month to seek advocacy members
    • Fun Fact: April & Easter is the second most popular time to give/donate
    • Have we done a call for support/action on facebook?
    • ______: Press Release for Duluth Bikes as an organization and its mission.
    • IDEA: Allow businesses (that have become members of DB) to have a table at the DRAFT? Pitch it as an opportunities to present their product/services to a targeted audience
    • Tara: as board members, we are all in charge of DB membership so if a post goes up on membership recruitment or events, we should all be on board for membership
    • IDEA: Boost our facebook posts regarding membership and events
  • New Duluth Bikes Board Director?
  • Ruurd: Will sit down with Outreach group to create a structured approach for membership drive in April.


5: Canal Park Business Association & Lakewalk Discussion


  • Lakewalk: Some planning around this summer due to conflicts with bikers and pedestrians. Opportunity to address the needs for commuters for connectedness. Elissa Hanson is working on Canal Park Business Association


    • CPBA:
      • Tara is seeking ideas to present to their next brainstorming session February 15th
        • Highlight and focus on access points that already exist
        • Better functioning pedestrian lights
        • Encourage the Tolley to do loops
        • Highlight
        • Invite Canal Park Business Association to be a DRAFT presenter/ can also become member of duluth bikes


  • Tara: ask James (MIC) for redesign for Lake Ave entrance.


  • Alision (guest community member): 19th-26th Ave E. to have nonmotorized structure for Lakewalk trail. A mini master plan from 19th through brighton beach. Request that cyclist that the connection over 23rd become a recognized route and that Duluth Bikes become a stake holder… look into options for accommodating needs. The money is not set aside to build the lakewalk along the lake vs the road… it’s still available and the source still exists. LHB determined that it is structurally possible, but it may not be financially possible.


9: Superior Street Variance Follow-Up

    • Next step? There’s still options…MNDot can say that they can determine the safe accommodations for using their funds.
    • IDEA: Write a letter to the commissioner that Cindy Voigt still signs off that it is still safe for the redesign for traffic calming methods.
    • What is the procedure MNDot must go through?
    • Should we chase this? Or is it wasted effort/energy?


  • Coordinate with BikeMN for approaching MNDot
  • Ruurd: Follow up with MNDot commissioner who signed off on the variance and that it includes false information.




  • Morris: Bike Summit on Capitol Hill March 16, 2017-keeping MN bike safe and friendly. Anyone can go, shared on facebook and their website. FIRST year members of BikeMN get to go for FREE (lunch included!)
  • Mike: Duluth Traverse-stakeholder meeting was held, public meeting is February 9th. They pulled bike parks for technical skill development.
  • Mike: On February 16th Western Waterfront Trail “Rail and Trail” is a great compliment to the Lakewalk, but it was not highlighted well enough. Survey can be found on Nextdoor (app) and there is a survey on the city’s website (difficult to find). Mike would like to compile a list of things they would like to see.


Meeting Adjourned: 7:15pm

Next meeting: 3.2.17 | 5:30pm| Toasty’s on Superior St.