Duluth Bikes Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes | Toasty’s

5.4.17 • 5:30pm

Present Board Members: Mariana Glitsos, Tara Sieve, Morris Levy, Alyssa Lommel, Jon Loye, Mike Casey, Ruurd Schoolderman, Shawna, Dick

Board Members Absent: Jenny

Guest Participants: Ben (community member) Sam, Clark, Ruth (app development team)


Called To Order: 5:32 pm

Additions to Agenda:  none

Review April Meeting Minutes: Approved

1: Duluth Bikes App

  • Q: Will it track off streets? A: Yes, it will track anywhere it goes.
  • Q: Do you have a sense of how many users will be using this? A: The idea is for the club to assist with introducing it and sharing the stats. To collect age groups and demographics.
  • Q: Will the app encourage more social connections? A: Yes, we’re still developing communication tools like messages and leaderboards.
  • Suggestion: Have App partner with businesses so that if they ride so 100 miles, they receive a free coffee. Reply: We could work on developing a way so that it can indicate deals of the day or a kind of ‘treasure map’ that indicates deals nearby.
  • Suggestion: Provide safe routes for riding and destinations.
  • The app will not replace Strava, which is more fitness based.


2: Officer Updates

  • Jon/Financial Report: Balance just over $2,000.00, 1 membership came in, and we paid Michael a fee.
    • Q: Does BikeMN membership auto renew? A: No, they will send a renewal notice.
  • Mariana: Bikeways Map is in its drafting stages and James from MIC will be reaching out to a working group to receive feedback.
  • Ruurd: We will be going over advocacy priority meeting. Ruurd: Send out reminder of upcoming advocacy discussion.
  • Tara: Availability for helping DB from now until June 20th will be extremely limited.


3: Bike MN & Bike Shop Fundraising


  • New Chapter in Fargo/Moorehead


  • Would we be interested in bike shop interest deals/they could help purchase advertisement in their newsletters/promotions. Approved




  • ALL Committees: All committees must have a consistently set day/time for meeting by NEXT Board meeting in June. Determine a point person and take notes. This board is an active board, so if you feel like a different committee is a better fit for you so that you remain active, please communicate with Mariana.


    • Advocacy: We need to re-group and set a consistent meeting time. Progress has been made with the county and the city on issues. Looking at next week as a way to refocus on the goals of this group.
    • We need to recruit more members for each of these committees, we can use our facebook posts so that one week we focus on recruitment for each committee once a week.


  • All: Post when committee meetings are happening and invite others to attend.


  • Perhaps change the “Board Meeting” to a “Membership Meeting”–have the board meeting beforehand and then have membership meeting.


5: Review Board Directors


  • Mariana find documents that had revisions for mission



6: Strategic Action Plan


  • 1 Year Terms: Dick, Jenny, and Mike. Will need to be determine if they want to run.
  • Dick will be done after his 1 year.
  • Mariana will be moving and will no longer be able to attend.


    • We need to start nomination process:


  • Reach out to initial individuals who were interested and ask if they would like to consider running for the Board.
  • Mariana: Send members a notice of accepting nominations for Board positions.
  • All those considering to run for Board position, will need to apply by filling out a statement saying:
  • 1) Why they are interested in being part of Duluth Bikes?
  • 2) What knowledge, skills, and abilities they can contribute?
  • 3) What positions would they be interested in and committee?
  • August: Election for new Board Members. // October is first meeting of new Board Members.


    • SAP Edits/Updates:
      • Add: “Trails.” Change to “Advocate for Trails master plan.”
      • At Draft: Invite Police Officers
      • Feedback: This is a LOT of stuff. We don’t necessarily have the power to do most of these things yet.


  • October Meeting will be Duluth Bikes RETREAT. All members required. Date/location to be determined. Length of retreat will be approximately 4 hours.



7: Outreach Committee Action Plan


  • Jon, Morris, and Michael must have an Outreach Plan prepared and ready to present at June meeting.



8: T-Shirt Pre-sale

    • Through Duluth Screen Printing: 24 items needed to be ordered, but of anything. We must pick the items that are listed on the store.


  • ALL: Send feedback to Shawna about what you would buy from online store.



9: Committee Update

    • Advocacy: already done
    • Outreach: we’ll re-group
    • Events:
      • DRAFT: May 11th starting 5:30 (social hour) & 6:00 (presentations start) @Red Herring


  • Needed: Ushers with Jason Hall-will meet him at Pier B, ride to Red Herring, speaking at Lincoln Park Middle School, then a Slow Roll in Lincoln Park
  • Shawna: post needs, shifts, descriptions
  • Needed: Set up at Encounter before Mayor’s Bike Ride and a Duluth Bikes Booth
  • Mariana and Ruurd?
  • Shawna: Create a Bike Rodeo Facebook page under Bus.Bike.Walk, then create event on facebook.



Shawna: Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee members needed.

Shawna: People for Bikes Conference in Madison, June 29-30th. $550.00, OR meet with Shawna to discuss strategic topics of interest


Meeting Adjourned: 7:12pm

Next meeting: 6.1.17 | 5:30pm| Toasty’s on Superior St.